1. sophiesilence preguntó: Armando me gusta mucho tu trabajo ojala pudieras venir a exponer a parral chih!

    me encantaría, ahora mismo estoy trabajando en material para una exposición, y espero salga pronto para buscar lugares donde exponer

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  2. deliriousuperseriousblog preguntó: Estoy maravillado con tu trabajo, muchas felicidades.

    oh! muchas gracias :) 

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  3. Armando Bravo

    Armando Bravo

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  4. luisutonio preguntó: ¿De qué parte de México eres? ¿Harás alguna exposición? "¿Cuál es tu secreto?" JAJAJAJAJA. Me gusta tu trabajo.

    muchas gracias :) y soy de Chihuahua :3, hahaha planeo hacer una exposición, mi primer expo,pero por eso de octubre,  y no se no se si tengo secretos hehehe :)

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  5. elenasophies preguntó: Hello, I am an IB Art student and currently putting together my sketchbook. I found your art through tumblr and immeadiately fell in love with it. The first painting that I found was "Saul". Could you please tell me something about your inspiration to this one or also just in general? Also some background information about you like birthday or how you wanted to study fine art would be awesome!! ADORE YOUR ART -Elli :)

    Hello. thank you very much, where come my inspiration ?… I do not know, I’ve never thought. i see so much things,  I like to take it and mix it and make some visual liquefied, lol. I do not know ..
    I like to use various techniques in my work, you can see paintings, prints, collage, copy art. everything.
    I hope to get a job, a space on art. and I’m about to finish college.

    I was born on March 25, 1990, dont know what else to say, if you want we can keep talk and you can tell me something about you :)

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  6. Armandote :3

    My B-day :)

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  7. toxiquerose preguntó: i love your work :) keep it up!

    Thank you very much :)

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  8. untitled
Armando Bravo


    Armando Bravo

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